Coaching, Mentoring and Supervising

Working one-to-one with colleagues to enable them to pursue qualifications, an award and recognition or to professionally support their personal development, I gain huge satisfaction in this area of my work.


Example 1. – Mentoring National Teaching Fellowship nominees at Leeds University

I was delighted to be awarded my own NTF in 2008 whilst working at Leeds and I joined an NTF network at this institution. I now undertake to support the future nominees to both develop their applications but also, in the longer term, to mentor them to achieve the qualities and standing required.


Role –

  • Help identify potential nominees at The University
  • To meet with them to discuss the process of applying and the standards required
  • To develop an action plan with the individuals over the mid and short term
  • To provide them with guidance and feedback on their draft applications


Evidence of success – I have undertaken this role at Leeds for the last two years and The University has been very proud to see 4 out of 6 nominees being successful in this time period.




Example 2. – Professional career coaching at Warwick University

I was asked to support an early career, female academic working in Science. She was uncertain how to progress in her career and feeling under-confident in her abilities.


Role –

  • We arranged to meet in person in Warwick and had an introductory conversation in which I ascertained the issues and her goals
  • I suggested a mentoring approach that would involve two further face-to-face meetings and telephone support
  • We agreed to a set of small scale actions and goals and met to review progress
  • It was clear that seeing progress was a boost to her confidence and I reinforced this by helping her identify and name her skills and talents.




Example 3. – Supervising experienced teachers to attain professional recognition and teaching qualifications with SEDA, University of Leeds and University of Nottingham


I have acted as a mentor to colleagues joining staff development units in the UK and to colleagues working for their SEDA Fellowship in the UK and Singapore. I have supervised experienced academics towards successful completion of PG Certificates and Diploma’s in teaching and learning at 3 different UK institutions.
My role includes:-

  • Negotiating with the mentee/supervisee how we will work together
  • Taking part in mentoring / supervision meetings both in person and online
  • Providing clear guidance on the criteria and expectations
  • Giving constructive feedback on work on their written work and observed teaching practice
  • Acting as a sounding board and critical friend – supporting motivation
  • Advising on publishing


Evidence of success – I have supervised about 25 people to achieve their Post Graduate Certificates and Diploma’s in Teaching and Learning over the last 8 years.



“I found that Kate was not only sympathetic to my research ideas about ‘personal tutoring through cultural affinity’ but also keen on building them further. She helped me reflect on my own practices and advised me on collecting evidence efficiently. The mentoring by Kate was superb and led me to further explore my research ideas with her”. 


Lecturer, Leeds Business School