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Katherine Ann EXLEY
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Education & Recognition

1982 – 1989             Liverpool University
1985                           B.Sc. 1st Class Hons. Genetics
1989                           Ph.D. Genetics

1995                            SEDA
.                                    Senior Fellowship

2008                            Higher Education Academy (Leeds University)
.                                    National Teaching Fellow Award

2014                            Higher Education Academy
.                                    Senior Fellowship (D3)

2016                            University of Cranfield
.                                    Recognised teacher Status

2018                            University of Luxembourg
Senior Lecturer (Adjunct)

Previous Work Experience

2007 – Present           Director of “Higher Education Assessment & Development Ltd”
2004 – Present           Senior Staff Development officer (PT), OD&PL, University of Leeds
2012 –  2014               Academic Associate and invited member, Special Interest Group
.                                      (Engineering), Higher Education Academy
2003 – 2007                Director of  “Kate Exley Ltd.”
.                                      Staff Development and Educational Development Consultancy
1999 – 2002                Career break from The University of Nottingham – Consultancy
1997 – 1999                Lecturer in Department of Continuing Education (PT)
1996 – 1999                Academic Staff Development Officer (PT)
1991 – 1996                Academic Staff Development Officer (Enterprise)
1988 – 1991                Lectureship in the Department of Genetics, University of Nottingham

Examples of Consultancy Work

2017 – Present      PhD supervisor development, Inst. of Health, Luxembourg
2017 – Present     Founder member of ‘Higher Education Consultants’
2016 – Present      Exam re-design – Royal College of Anaesthetists, UK
2015 – Present      University Teaching Prizes – External judge, Queen’s Belfast
2015                          Exam Question Writing guidance for The British Retail Consortium
2014                          Week long New Lecturers’ programme, Ningbo, China
2014 – Present      PhD supervisor development, University of Luxembourg
2014 – Present      PGCHE assessment for universities of Nottingham, Cardiff, LSHTM,
.                                  Leeds, Southampton.
2013                         Keynote at Queen’s University Teaching and Learning Conference
2013                         Teaching and training development for International Vets, Brooke,
.                                  Petra, Jordan
2013 – 2016           Teaching development, Kazakhstan Uni.s, University of Newcastle
2012                          Scoping study – Ipad in teaching, evaluation and report
2012                          Subject Network review report, HEA
2012                          Staff development activities in Singapore, University of Newcastle
2012                          New Lecturer training for The University of Cyprus
2012 – 2016            Journaling / blogging support and feedback, University of Cardiff
2011 – 2015            Review of Supervision, Medical School, Birmingham University
2011 – 2015            PGR Teaching Skills project, Development of web guidance Cardiff
2010 – 2010            Ghana Visit , Malaria consortia project –London School of Hygiene
.                                   and Tropical Medicine & University of Kumasi
2010 –  2014           Nigerian Engineering Academics Project, University of Newcastle
2008 – 2009            Leadership Foundation Project, Leading Learning and Teaching
2007 – 2009            Teaching Consultant, NTF International Staff Project, Leeds
.                                  Web-site materials on T&L
2007 – 2009            Advisor and Developer, Study skills For Transition Project, Nottingham
2007 – 2008            Development Consultant, Peer Review Scheme re-launch, Bath
2006 – present       Course Team and Tutor, PGCAP, Newcastle University
2006 – 2014            Course Team and Assessor, PGCILT, London School of Tropical Med.
2005 – 2010             External Evaluator for the Integrative Learning CETL, Nottingham
2005 – 2007            Independent Evaluator FDLT 5 Teaching Citizenship, Southampton
2004 – 2010             Consultant, Engineering Subject Centre, DFEE Entrepreneurship
2004 – 2007             Diversity Taskforce Consultant, Nottingham
2004 – 2006             Project evaluator FDTL 4 STARS, De Montfort University
2003 – 2005             Promoting and Enhancing Student Learning Task Force, Nottingham.
2002 – 2011             Visiting Consultant for Teaching & Learning Centre, LSE
2002 – 2004             Peer Observation of Teaching Project Consultant, University of Hull
2002 – 2004             External Evaluator of Directed Learning, Royal Veterinary College
2002 – 2003             Subject Centre Engineering FE Scoping study consultant
2000 – present        Learning Set Advisor & Course Team, PGCHE, Nottingham
1999 – 2014             Consultant, Oxford Centre For Staff & Educational Development

Staff Development Experience

I have particular experience and interest in issues of teaching, learning & assessment. This has involved course design & accreditation and a wide range of development activities for early career teachers and researchers. I regularly act as external reviewer or examiner for curriculum development projects, CPD programmes (PGCERT, Diploma and Masters), UKPSF schemes and curriculum design innovations. I have conducted and reported on a wide range of scoping studies on varied topics including Inclusivity, Assessment and HE in FE and Supervision. I have developed expertise in the supervision and support of Doctoral Students and the examining of research degrees, providing strategic guidance and practical support for Institutions in the UK and overseas. I regularly design and lead staff development workshops and sessions addressing these topics.

Key responsibilities have included :-

  • successfully mentoring nominees (4) for National Teaching Fellowships
  • supervising, experienced Lecturers undertaking teaching qualifications University of Leeds
  • Programme designer and Director, University of Nottingham PGCHE.
  • managing a University wide Teaching Fellowship scheme
  • planning and coordinating Master class programmes in teaching and learning
  • designing, facilitating and evaluating teaching sessions and Programmes
  • tailoring staff development for individual Schools and Departments
  • successful tendering for national consultancies e.g.Career review for the MRC
  • contributing and authoring for HEFCE project, e.g. Resource based learning, G. Gibbs,
  • presenting and Keynotes at conferences (16) and publishing articles and reviews (30+)
  • distance mentoring for the SEDA Fellowship in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • consultancy at more than sixty universities and colleges In UK, Europe and Internationally
  • external examining (9) for Post Graduate Programmes in Teaching and Learning
  • external examining (2) and examining (3) for UKPSF recognition schemes (D1 – D4)
  • acting as external validator for new postgraduate programmes (2), Nene, Queen’s, Belfast
  • acting as a Cyber Prof. and on-line tutor e.g. for the Universities of Northumbria and Cardiff
  • writing reports to contribute to policy development, e.g. Inclusive Teaching, HE in FE
  • initiating, authoring and Series Editing the best selling Key Guides for Effective Teaching (Routledge)

Membership of External Bodies/Groups

  • Association of National Teaching Fellows, Higher Education Academy (2008)
  • Senior Fellow of the Staff & Educational Development Association (SEDA), awarded 1995
  • Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (2008)
  • Advisory Board member, Engineering Subject Centre, HEA (2000 – 2011)
  • SRHE (Society for Research in Higher Education)

External Examiner / Course Validation/Accreditation Activities

PGCHE/ Diploma / Masters Programmes)

External Examiner                      2017 – present                      University of Law, PGCHE
External Examiner                      2016 – present                      University of Aberystwyth,
External Assessor                        2016 – present                     UKPSF@York, University York
External Examiner                      2015 – 2017                           University of Lincoln
External Validator                       2015                                         Queen’s Belfast
External Assessor                        2014 – 2017                           UKPSF@Bath, University Bath
External Examiner                      2012 – 2013                            University of Bath
External Examiner                      2009                                          Uni. of Southampton           (EdD)External Examiner            2008 – 2013                           Queen’s University, Belfast
External Examiner                      2008 –  2013                           Liverpool John Moores
External Reviewer                       2006                                          University of Liverpool
External Evaluator/Examiner   2001 – 2005                           University of Bath
External Advisor/Examiner       2001- 2006                             De Montfort University
External Examiner                       1997 – 2001                            University of Northumbria
External Examiner                       1999 – 2003                            University of Liverpool
External Validator                        1997                                         Nene college, Northampton
External Evaluator                       1995                                         University of Ulster

Examples of Recent Publications

  • Fisher, A. Exley, K. and Ciobanu D. (2014) Using Technbology to Support Learning and Teaching. Key Guides for Effective Teaching In H.E.  Routledge
  • K. Exley (2008), Teaching as part of your Professional Development
    Chap. 18 in The Research Postgraduates Handbook, Eds Hall & Longman, Sage : London
  • K. Exley and R. Dennick  (2009), 2nd edition Giving a Lecture: From Presenting to Teaching, Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher education, London: Routledge/Falmer
  • Wisker, Exley & Antoniou (2008), One-to-one Teaching: Supervising, Mentoring & Coaching. Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher Education, London: Routledge
  • K.Exley and L. Barnett (2006) The Handbook for Economics Teaching Assistants, The HEA Economics Network
  • K. Exley and R. Dennick  (2004), Small Group Teaching: Tutorials, Seminars and Beyond, Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher education, London: Routledge/Falmer




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