Assessing – Examining, Marking and Feedback

Example 1. At the Universities of Leeds, Nottingham and Southampton I regularly undertake assessment roles for both PGCHE programme assignments and UKPSF recognition schemes.

The role –

  • Varies – I am experienced in both marking and grading, giving feedback, double-blind marking, sampling and conducting internal moderation.
  • I invest time and care in providing constructive and encouraging feedback to candidates
  • I use assessment criteria to determine a robust mark or grade
  • I sample the work to ensure fairness, validity and reliability or my own marking and across marking teams


Evidence of success – External Examiners have commented consistently on the quality of the feedback I provide and my marks are considered to be fair and reliable by my co-markers.



Example 2. For the last 3 years, I have acted as the External Assessor for The University of Queen’s Belfast’s Teaching Quality Awards.


The role –

  • Each year University staff individually and as teams apply for teaching awards. They submit an application and for some categories are also nominated by their students. I read and grade the applications independently
  • I join a panel of teaching experts and subject representatives at The University and the applications are each reviewed and a short list, for each of four categories, are selected.
  • The shortlisted candidates are invited to give a short presentation and I, with the rest of the panel, assess the presentations.
  • Our assessments are shared and a set of award winners are agreed
  • I assist the Awards coordinator in preparing constructive feedback to the unsuccessful candidates.


Evidence of success – “As external assessor on our internal Teaching Awards panel, Kate’s input and guidance have been invaluable, providing sound advice to the panel members and constructive feedback to candidates”.

                                                            Liz McDowell

     Centre for Educational Development