Reviews and Evaluations

Example 1. External Evaluator for the Integrative Learning CETL

The Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning were funded for 5 years to spearhead and disseminate excellent teaching across the sector. A fundamental requirement was that the centres involved an External Evaluator. I took this role for the Nottingham University based Integrative learning CETL between 2005-2010. Although this example is quite dated now I think it shows my ability to conduct large scale evaluation projects well.

Role –

  • The team, led by Prof Martin Binks, shared their goals and mission with me from the outset and an evaluation strategy was built into every aspect of the CETL’s work.
  • I undertook a range of evaluation activities throughout the 5 years that included benchmarking starting points, consulting widely via interviews, surveys and focus groups, with key stakeholders and providing interim and final reports.
  • Being a critical friend along the way. Gathering information and reflecting it back to the team to aid on-going work.
  • Contributing to national events on the evaluation of large projects via the CETL evaluation network.


Evidence of Success – The Integrative Learning CETL was considered to be one of the most effective CETLs having a tangible impact on the sector and used as an example of good practice. I claim no more than I was a part of this and that the completely integrated approach we adopted to evaluation enabled the CETL to learn quickly from and through its activities.



Example 2 – Review of the training strategy and materials being developed by the Global training unit at Marie Stopes.


Role –

  • Marie Stopes provides sexual health services for women around the world and I first needed to understand more about the organisation and its training needs.
  • Met with the Director and her team to discuss the role they wished me to take in reviewing their training approach and the materials which were to be used globally
  • Two strands of work became clear – a bottom-up review of materials (urgent) and a top-down strategic look at the dissemination approach used globally
  • I commissioned a medical specialist to support my review of material and report back on content and form
  • I advised the Global Medical Director on key questions she had about strategy –often sourcing examples of practice from other organisation to aid her decision making.
  • I reviewed the materials and provided feedback, meeting again with the Director of training who was spearheading the initiative.



Example 3 – I regularly review book proposals for Routledge Press and more sporadically for other publishing houses and journals.


Role –

  • Accept an invitation to review a proposal or manuscript and accept the deadlines expected
  • Read, note, research in order to evaluate the quality of the manuscript
  • Write feedback for the author – aiming to be clear, constructive but also supportive and kind
  • Keep to deadlines


Evidence of success – I keep getting asked!